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If you are a digital musician, you know how challenging it can be to balance the technical and the creative — how difficult it sometimes is to “trust the process” when you’re constantly having to keep up to date with new software, plugins, techniques, and the like. At some point, your morale suffers, and your inspiration takes a hit.

At SongWish, creativity blocks are not an option. Our products and tools remove the technical hurdles you face while creating, so that inspiration remains high even in those challenging moments. Sometimes, all it takes is a tiny spark to ignite the creator within and let your magic shine.

For the love of music:

The barriers

Understanding music theory, memorizing every available plugin and effect; experimenting till you accumulate the perfect collection of sounds—all of these are great if you have the time and commitment. But what if you don’t? What if you want a different approach? What if you could... create music instantly?


Our solution

With SongWish, you can create whenever you want to, and without a perfect understanding of the mechanisms and intricacies that underlie music. Whether you don’t have the time or you need some quick inspiration to jumpstart your creative flow—whatever the hurdles, we’ve got your back. Our 100% royalty-free products will get you to your endpoint faster, and without loss of quality.

Benefit from maximized inspiration and productivity. Always.

What We Offer:

MIDI Packs

MIDI Packs

Our MIDI loops are all 100% Royalty-free.
MIDI Effect Plugins

MIDI Effect Plugins

reMIDI 2 is a MIDI effect plugin that samples musical notes from MIDI files that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples and map them to a controller.
SongWish Loops

SongWish Loops

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MIDI Packs

Our SW Expansion MIDI packs feature MIDI loops; ready to drag and drop into any DAW or process with our MIDI effect plugins. We recommend using our MIDI effect plugins to get the most out of our MIDI packs. The main reason being that our packs make use of more MIDI spec than most other packs on the market. For example our melodic MIDI packs are all channel separated. This means you can have more flexibility to target your virtual instruments with tailored, instrument specific slices of MIDI; all from the same source MIDI file.

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MIDI Effect Plugins

So what is a MIDI effect plugin? Please allow us to unpack this.

First, what is a MIDI effect? MIDI effects are like audio effects. Just as audio effects, such as reverb, or delay, can process and affect incoming audio information, MIDI effects have the ability to process and affect incoming MIDI information. For instance, say you'd like to pitch all incoming notes up one octave, or get one note to trigger a complete chord?! A MIDI effect has you covered. A plugin version of a MIDI effect is the variety we make here, and means you can use any of them in your favourite DAW in realtime or for playback/export.

See our MIDI Effect Plugins

SongWish Loops

  • - Free WAV + MIDI loops for music producers. Placement ready pop loops
  • - No sign-up
  • - Untagged royalty-free loops
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About SongWish

We are two Canadian brothers (identical twins!) and music producers who combine our love for music and programming to create products that facilitate self-expression via music. We truly believe in the healing power of music and have experienced it firsthand in our lives. Music is therapy, as is self-expression. It is our vision that everyone—no matter their skill level—can create music and express themselves at any moment of their choosing. Ultimately, we want people to be themselves, and to express to the world the raw power of that courage through the gift of music.

If you have questions (contact us) or would like to propose a partnership (partners@songwish.ca) don’t hesitate to email us. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


Below are testimonials from a few of our customers. We are always open to reviews, positive or negative, as they help us improve our products. If you have some feedback for us, we would love to hear it. Please email us at testimonials@songwish.ca

I think this is dope!!! [reMIDI 2] I don't see software like this out yet so this can be useful to a lot of today's beatmakers.

S.OnetestimonialS.OneProducer / Beatmaker who has worked with artists such as Styles P, K Koke, Olexesh, Chakuza, Vig Poppa, Lars Vaular, General Woo and more.

reMIDI 2 is great for beat block because you can create inspiring chords that you never thought or heard of before.

El CooljaytestimonialEl CooljayreMIDI 2 user.

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